Gluten Free Menu

Gluten Free menu items have a longer prep time than other entrees. 

Please allow extra time and specify that you are ordering from the

"Gluten Free" Menu when placing your order.



Mussels Bianco/Marinara

Steamed Mussels Tossed in Garlic Butter with White Wine.

Add Marinara Sauce for even more flavor.  $9.00

Sicilian Sausage

Spicy Italian Sausage with our Original Tomato Sauce.

Baked with Mozzarella and Provolone.  $5.00

Dinner Entrees

Ziti with Tomato Sauce

Our Sweet Original 1931 Style Sauce.  $14.00

Ziti Marinara

Simmered Crushed Tomatoes & Garlic.  Less Sweet that the Original.

Diavolo is prepared with Crushed Red Peppers.  $16.00

Chicken Piccata

Grilled Chicken Breast, Artichoke Hearts, Capers & Lemon finished with Garlic Butter.  Served with Roasted Redskins and Broccoli.  $17.00

Chicken Con Broccoli

Grilled Chicken Breast Tossed in Extra Virgin Olive Oil with

Broccoli, Roasted Garlic and Ziti Noodles.  $19.00

Grilled Rib Eye

Choice 12 oz. Rib Eye Au Jus. 

Served with a side of Broccoli or Roasted Redskins.  $21.00

Sausage Arrabbiata

Spicy Marinara with Roasted Onions, Green Peppers and

Sausage Medallions Tossed in Ziti.  $17.00

Sausage Siciliano Platter

Spicy Italian Sausage Skewered with Onions and Peppers, then Flame-Grilled.

Served with a side of Broccoli or Roasted Redskins.  $15.00

Grilled Salmon

Served with Broccoli and Roasted Redskins.  $20.00

Salmon Piccata

Pan-Seared with Artichoke Hearts, Capers, Lemon & Garlic Butter.

Served with Broccoli and Roasted Redskins.  $20.00

Barbecued St. Louis Style Ribs

Served with Broccoli or Roasted Redskins.

Full Slab  $22.00  Half Slab $16.00